Edinburgh Eve

Dreaming of Christmas Eves Spent carousing across frosty roads.Mulled wine, mirth, the sizzle of a bratwurst on spikes. The soft ooze of caramel whipped into a frenzied puff pastry. A woman, half crazed in love Or blindness, who can tell? Uninhibited by the merrymaking in the air. Sitting quietly counting gingerbread houses,And wishing an avalanche... Continue Reading →

Under The Bridge

Bursts Clouds, oranges and yellows Dusk Sunsets Cacaphony Catcalls Rustling leaves Distant barks In cahoots with survival Dragging days on flower petals Churning stomachs Running lives.


  A friend sent some photos on a Whatsapp group today. He is back at his family home because of, you know, obvious reasons. So he ransacked his old play box and dusted the years off it. He unleashed his trapped little childhood and shared it with us And with each little beating heart of... Continue Reading →

An evening stroll

She walked around the grey courtyard of her father's home. The ancient freckles on the cement reminded her of a dark, sinewy man. Who climbed their mango trees like a cat and threw around bundles of wheat like he was playing 'catch-catch'. At the end of each day, as he sat in a line with... Continue Reading →

Fig 1: Human Digestive System

All said and done, it all boils down to just one thing.  Choice. Governs every nerve, every cell, every beat of the heart.  To arrive at it is just as complicated as replicating the human digestive system from a Class VII Science book.  You start with utmost concentration.  Sharp, well rounded thoughts.  Careful shading of... Continue Reading →

Gasping for air

You know that blank space between falling asleep and waking up? That abyss where no one knows what happens? What colour is it, what it smells like, what it feels? She's been there. For a while now. Cocooned in her own web that she fashioned out of wispy little tendrils of strength. She lay there,... Continue Reading →


Somewhere by the side of a lake, Under the silver moonlight There lives. A speck of your laughter The sparkle in my eyes A tiny shadow of a story. That lasted. Like a dewdrop on a blade of grass.

A Christmas Miracle

It was the only thing she'd asked of him. By the time they reached the top of the crag, he was pretty sure it would be raining. It was a fairly sunny Christmas afternoon when they had started climbing Arthur's Seat. He in his cargo pants, hoodie and hiking boots and she, in a multicoloured... Continue Reading →

Could You?

Could you live, away from the straight, concrete roads that lead to destinations without any twists or turns? Could you live in a room as bare as a widow's forehead Amid a world where mountains reigned? Could you live without your hotspots, and grooving bars, Your neon streets drowning your thoughts Amplifying the sound of... Continue Reading →

Roasted | Inktober Day 3

It was the first time. On a gloomy, rainy afternoon. The sky was blue, but not the bright blue like that crayon you chose to fill up the colour of sky on a drawing book. The kind of blue that threw you into an unknown realm of glum and sadness. The kind of blue which... Continue Reading →

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